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Rodents are one of the most common infestation for homeowners in the state. Washington rats, mice, squirrels and moles are common and removing them from the property is often difficult unless the services of a professional rat or rodent exterminator are used. Rodents pose not only a problem with damage to the property but also can leave droppings that carry disease. Removing these animals from the home is part of the solution, but just as important is the preventing of their return.

Rats And Mice

Rats are native to Asia, but have been carried by marine vessels to all corners of the globe. They prefer moist conditions, and therefore are especially prolific in western Washington State. Rats are usually found in urban and suburban areas where there is an ample supply of food. Garbage thrown out by homeowners, leftovers from picnics and even pet manure will attract rats.

Rats will discover the comfort of an indoor dwelling and choose a home to build a nest and raise their young. Once indoors they will also discover a new food supply and will chew through walls, packaging and other containers to get at it. Rats leave droppings throughout the home and the bacteria that grows on their feces can spread throughout the home by drafts, heating and air conditioning units. Both rats and mice are difficult to trap because the homeowner often uses the incorrect bait and places the traps in the wrong place.

Squirrels And Moles

Washington rodents include gray and western red squirrels, which damage attics and use homes as a place to store food. Like rats they leave droppings, and they also can open new holes in the walls and attic of the home, as they prefer more than one point of entry. This makes it easier for other pests such as bees, wasps and even small birds to enter the attic. Moles can wreak havoc on a lawn or garden and the holes they make are dangerous for small children; every year many youngsters twist or break an ankle because of mole holes. Most pesticides for use against moles are dangerous for the environment and spread to the groundwater, which in western Washington is rather shallow at all times of the year.

A Professional Mouse and Rodent Control Company Is The Answer

Experts deal with rodents every day and are familiar with their habits. Rodent control specialists can locate the entry points and seal them off permanently. They use proper baiting techniques that will not encourage the entry of roaches or ants into the home. And outdoor monitoring stations are a great way to prevent future invasions by rats and mice. This type of preventative maintenance is very inexpensive and costs far less than repairing the damage done by these rodents.

Rodents can be kept at bay by employing the services of professional rat extermination companies who are trained to deal with these creatures in a manner that is both humane and easy on the outdoor environment.

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