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Washington homeowners need not wait until it is too late to find out how devastating and costly the effects of infestation by rodents, roaches and other insects. Stopping the invasion of a Washington pest infestation as well as preventing their return is a job for the professionals, and with proper maintenance these unwelcome guests can be kept from the property, family and pets.

Spoilage And Disease

In WA pest control centers around the invasion of ants, cockroaches and rodents. Ants are attracted to sweet and sugary food substances, and if there is the slightest crack in the walls of a structure, foraging ants will eventually find a suitable food source. Because they have special scent chemicals, ants leave trails that others can follow, resulting in a steady stream of these insects from outdoors to the kitchen, pantry or other area of the home. Roaches are attracted to the warmth and humidity inside the home and will seek a confined area to build a nest, often near a water heater or a heat duct inside the walls. These animals prefer greasy foods and can cause a great deal of spoilage if left to do their work. They also carry bacteria on their feet that can multiply rapidly if it comes in contact with organic substances. Rats, squirrels and other rodents use a house as a place to raise their young and can do a tremendous amount of damage to walls, cardboard or wood containers, and leave droppings throughout the premises.

Difficult To Control

The greatest challenge for homeowners trying to rid the home of pests is to locate the point of entry and seal it off, as well as find the actual colony or nest and destroy it. Once inside the house, roaches are quite adaptable and even if 90 percent of the population is destroyed the survivors can reorganize in a very short period of time. Ants are persistent and will find alternate routes in and out of a structure. Pest control companies are staffed with trained field technicians that specialize in pest control in WA finding these entry points and closing them off permanently.

Elimination And Prevention

Companies that perform pest control will make an inspection of the property, identify the species causing the infestation, remove the population with the least possible exposure of humans and pets to chemicals, and then proceed to set up a maintenance plan to prevent further pest invasion. These professionals use the latest in deterrent methods both inside and outside the home and are committed to keeping dangerous poisons out of contact with both people and the groundwater, making the process quite eco-friendly.

Roaches, ants and rodents can be controlled efficiently if the procedure is left to pest professionals employed to rid the home of these unwelcome guests. Their job is to remove the infestation and prevent future problems by implementing a deterrent system for the entire property.

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