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How to Avoid VA Bed Bugs

If you are thinking about traveling to VA, be sure to educate yourself about bed bugs to protect your family. Virginia bed bugs have become a serious problem recently, so you will need to know the basics of identifying bed bugs to avoid coming in contact with these pests. You do not want to bring bed bugs back your home when your vacation is over.

Even the finest hotels can have bed bugs in Virginia. It is a myth that bed bugs are only found in dirty or cheap hotel rooms. Bed bugs are spread by travelers from all over the world. If a traveler has bed bugs in their home or if they have recently stayed at another hotel with a bed bug problem, it is likely that they will infest any hotel room that they come in contact with if the bed bugs are in the persons clothing or luggage.

Be sure to check your hotel room immediately upon entering. Bed bugs are not always easy to spot, so you may want to pack a small flashlight with you when you go on vacation. Bed bugs in VA mostly hide underneath mattresses and box springs, behind the headboard of the bed and in nightstands. This gives bed bugs easy access to people when they sleep at night. Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal, so you probably will not see them running around on the bed. You will have to search for them, as it may not be obvious that there is a problem unless you take the time to look.

Bed bugs in Virginia Beach are easy to spot if you know what they look like. They are tiny circular-shaped brown insects that live together in clusters. The younger bed bugs, or nymphs, may be clear in color. You may not see any actual bugs, but will see evidence of their activity if you see little brown specks on the walls or mattresses. If you wake up in the morning with bites, suspect bed bugs immediately and search your hotel room again.

If you happen to bring these pests home from your vacation, you will need to call a professional bed bug exterminator. Bed bugs cannot be eradicated by any type of insecticide that you can purchase in your local hardware store. Only a professional bed bug extermination company can protect your home against bed bugs and prevent them from spreading throughout your household.

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