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Homeowners are constantly at war with a variety of pests, ranging from bedbugs to ants, from cockroaches to termites, and from wasps to rodents such as rats and squirrels. These creatures cause not only property damage but can be dangerous to humans and their pets, either through bacteria they spread or the bites and stings they inflict. Professional Vermont pest control experts can make the home a fortress against the invasion of these unwelcome visitors.

Why Pests in Vermont Invade The Home

For the most part annoying pests are after a supply of food that is constant. Ants and roaches are attracted to certain smells and tastes, and are likely to build a nest or colony nearby. Termites feed mostly on wood and therefore find a home with wood framing to be a suitable source of nutrition. Rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels favor the home because it is weatherproof and therefore ideal for raising their young. This combination of food and snug comfort makes the home a target for the most common of pests in the New England area, and once they are inside or on the property they can be extremely difficult to remove.

Homemade Remedies And Deterrents

Pest control starts by making the home impenetrable to insects and rodents. They cannot be eliminated completely from the outside environment and are indeed a vital part of the creature web and food chain. However keeping them from entering the house means locating possible entry points and sealing them, making sure that food scraps are kept to a minimum and that there are no water leaks that produce puddles in the basement, attic or other places in the home. If an infestation does occur, many of the home remedies that are used may be ineffective on a particular species. Traps are often baited with foods that actually attract other creatures such as spiders and snakes. And trying to destroy a termite mound or subterranean burrow is tricky and often results in contamination of the groundwater supply. Humans and pets are negatively affected by sprays and chemicals, which are often dangerous even if the directions are followed to the letter.

Using A Professional Pest Exterminator

Different pests have unique habits, movements and reproductive capabilities, all of which are fully understood by Vermont pest exterminators. Destroying a roach or termite nest completely is best left to these experienced, licensed field technicians who make it a priority to eliminate pests in an eco-friendly, safe manner that keeps humans safe from toxins. Prevention against future invasions is also a vital part of their job and includes outdoor monitoring equipment if necessary, sealing up cracks in walls and locating holes through which rodents and other animals can enter the premises.

Vermont pest control companies have years of experience dealing with the common infestations in the region and are the best bet for quick, efficient removal. Pests cause huge amounts of damage and can spread disease if left unchecked, therefore it is vital to eliminate them completely from the property as soon as they are discovered.

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