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Many people are big fans of the natural scenery and landscape that VT has to offer. It's one of the most rural states in America, and its outdoors opportunities are as vast as the mountains that traverse its borders. But with large amounts of natural scenery and landscapes comes something that most homeowners don't like to talk about -- or even think about. And that would be the large number of Vermont bugs that appreciate the indoors as much as Vermonters appreciate the outdoors areas of their state.

Getting rid of bugs in Vermont is a challenge. Sometimes, it can feel like an unending cycle -- trap after trap, spray after spray, foam after foam. And still the bugs come back. So what are some ways to ensure that they stay outside once and for all?

Traps, Sprays, Foams

The first line of defense against any bug infestation is an extensive line of traps and foams and sprays. Sold in most major convenience stores and supermarkets, these products are designed to give homeowners ultimate control over their pest problem. They're all at least somewhat effective, but the vast majority of these sprays simply eliminate bugs from the places people see them -- not from the places where the problem is actually originating.

Furthermore, the increased use of things like bug traps -- such as those designed to draw, trap, and kill ants -- actually encourages greater numbers of the bugs to come inside and see what the big attraction is. And while the traps will appear successful and draw lots of pests, they will actually serve as an invitation for others to come inside. It's a great way for pest control manufacturers to make money -- because you'll just have to keep buying new traps, forever -- but it's not a great way to ensure the integrity of your home and the high quality of life you expect when living there.

Professional Bug Exterminator

The pitfalls of these home pest control methods are why the majority of Americans still prefer to call a Vermont bug exterminator to come on-site and use their highly sophisticated tools and pest removal sprays to eliminate the problem. It removes the guesswork -- and the traps -- and simply ensures that existing pests are killed. It also repels bugs and other pests from entering the home to begin with, which will reassure those consumers who have spent dollar after dollar on home fixes that never seemed to finish the job.


Unlike home remedies, bug exterminators in Vermont will finish the job. And they'll make sure that future pests get the message: this home is off limits.

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