VA Mouse Control - Rodents in Virginia

Rodents are an annoying problem not only because of the damage and food spoilage they can cause, but also the threat of disease they can carry onto a property and into a home. In Virginia many different types of rodents are common, mostly being rats, mice and squirrels. Homeowners generally do not have the expertise to deal with a VA mouse infestation, which can snowball out of control rapidly if the population is not controlled or eliminated.

Virginia Mouse And Rat Control

Rats are common in this area because of the proximity to the marine air, the large number of rivers and streams in the region and the intense human population. Rats and mice prefer a good water supply, a stable temperature setting such as the interior of a home, and a concealed place to raise their young. Rats and other rodents also prefer indoors because it is a safe haven from natural predators such as snakes, falcons and hawks.

In Virginia mouse populations are large due to the dense population in the urban and suburban areas. When a new subdivision is built, field mice generally invade the structures that have themselves invaded their natural habitat. Rats are attracted to garbage in dumpsters, the rainwater in gutters and can travel easily through the sewer system. Once indoors, rodents are dangerous to humans because they carry viruses, bacteria and other antigens in their fur, which can be spread to the surfaces in the home if the animals are feeding on leftover food scraps.

Trying To Remove These Populations

It is quite difficult to remove rats and mice from the home because they travel inside walls, through the attic and below the floor. Locating the nest is also a problem, because these animals have a knack for building their homes in tightly concealed areas. Using traps is also risky because Virginia rodents are attracted to certain foods and are also wary of any type of metal or plastic upon which the bait is set. Baiting with the wrong food also can attract ants, roaches and spiders to the home, compounding the original problem.

Use A Professional Rat Exterminator

Experts at removing rodents, a VA rat exterminator is experienced at locating nests, the point of entry into the home and the pathways being used to reach a food source. Properly set traps and simple spraying procedures at the proper locations means ridding the home of these animals and securing the premises against future infestations. Reputable mouse control companies are concerned about the overall health of the environment and use advanced techniques that leave extremely small footprints on the ecosystem at large. Throughout the state rodents are successfully controlled at a minimal cost to the homeowner by licensed rodent control professionals that are capable of removing the problem while keeping humans and their pets safe from toxins or traps.

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