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Over the past few years Utah has experience an epidemic of bed bugs that have not only caused an enormous amount of inconvenience to its residents but has also caused a number of health problems. This infestation began in 2006 and ever since the reports of Utah bed bugs to the Salt Lake City Department of Health have risen at the alarming rate of ninety-four percent over the past few years. Bed bugs have certainly become a problem to be concerned about.

While bed bug infestations have risen all over the United States over the past few years, it appears that the problem has hit Utah especially hard. So hard in fact that many government agencies in the state started research projects in order to study the problem further. Since 2006, these research projects have collected an enormous amount of data and some of this data is quite interesting.

These studies have found that a change in how cockroaches are exterminated in private homes and hotels is the likely culprit for the sudden influx in bed bug infestations. In the past, cockroaches were eradicated by professional exterminators who used professional pesticides in order to kill the pests. These pesticides not only killed the cockroaches but also killed off most bed bugs in the process. This kept the bed bug population adequately in check. Things began to chance however, when private residents began exterminating for cockroaches themselves and stopped using the services of a professional exterminator. These over-the-counter pesticides have since proved not only to be ineffective in controlling cockroach populations in Utah, but evidently they are also ineffective against controlling bed bugs in Utah.

The tide is beginning to turn however. Many people are now beginning to employ the services of a professional bed bug exterminator and this is proving effective in controlling bed bug populations. Since many private residences and hotels have begun this new policy, bed bug populations are starting to drop at an impressive rate. It now appears that the first line of defense against bed bugs are the professional bed bug extermination companies of the state. The state-wide epidemic is coming to an end thanks to the diligence and hard work of professional bed bug exterminators. Now residents of Utah can begin to sleep tight without the worry of a bed bug bite.

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