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Tennessee has a major share of natural beauty. From beautiful mountains to winding rivers to elegant forests, the state has an abundance of impressive fauna and flora. Tennesseans love and value it unless it comes indoors in the form of a Tennessee bug or other pest.

Bugs do like to invade our homes. No matter where you live, from Knoxville to Memphis, from Chattanooga to Nashville and all points north or south, you cannot escape the always marching TN bugsthat invade even the cleanest kitchens every spring.

Many homes get overrun with other bugs like centipedes, millipedes, spiders. There is even the possibility of a scorpion infestation in certain regions. All of the bugs in Tennessee can make life unpleasant. Spiders especially are unwelcome since several varieties will bite, causing welts and even illnesses.

Cockroaches will walk right in uninvited as well. Even clean homes will find themselves overrun. Just one nest can hatch enough to take over a house.

Even ladybugs have been known to become pests when they invade a home by the hundreds.

Tennessee bugs can be dealt with by a professional bug exterminator. Business managers, office administrators, home owners, condo renters and others should call a bug extermination company and let them take care of the problem. Don't rely on sprays or traps to get rid of bugs. It takes bug exterminators know-how to break the cycle and end the problem for the season.

For generations the bed bug seemed to be eradicated from modern life. Now it has returned with a vengeance. There are no do-it-yourself quick fixes. If the bugs take over your home, many are forced to throw out expensive mattresses, favorite pillows and stuffed animals, couches, futons, and stuffed chairs. Even carpet may have to be ripped up and taken out.

Fortunately bug control companies have studied up on the bed bug problem and are ready with solutions that can save a home owner time and money. This is important for others such as hotel managers and bed and breakfast inn owners. They should not let a night go by without this important treatment.

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