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With the arrival of tick season, people worry about participating in outdoor activities and have heightened concern regarding the health and well being of their children and pets. With good reason. Ticks are efficient disease carriers, second only to mosquitoes in transferring pathogens from host to host. Ticks are most prevalent from April through September, feeding off both human and animal hosts. Store bought tick extermination and tick control products are not reliable and have some have been found to be toxic to users. Government regulators are conducting additional studies on commercial tick control products that are found on the shelves of our supermarkets, hardware stores and pet supply chains. People who are concerned about tick prevalence are strongly encouraged to seek the assistance and services of trained tick exterminators.

After feeding for a few days, a female tick will drop off of her host to lay eggs. If this tick has found its way into your home via family members or pets, your home can easily become infested. Ticks gorge on blood, then seek out tiny crevices in which to store their eggs. Depending on the tick, eggs can number in the dozens to the thousands. If you notice even one tick crawling in your home or seeking refuge in a carpet, obtain the advice and services of a professional tick exterminator. Attempting to rid your home of the tick infestation can be difficult and frustrating, as eggs can hatch months later, long after you think you have the situation under control. It can also adversely affect the health of everyone in your home. Tick exterminators are trained, licensed and experienced with tick extermination methods and the proper use and application of the effective chemicals available to professionals.

A pest control professional can advise you about tick control techniques, prevention and safety. If a tick in your home wanders away and a host is not available, it can survive up to a year without feeding. For the best results in combating a tick infestation or ensuring that your home and property are safe for family, friends and pets, contact a pest control company regarding tick extermination.

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