Texas Rat Control - Mice Exterminator in TX

One of the most common pest control problems in Texas, rodents and especially rats are engaged in a never ending battle with humans. Homeowners can control these populations in and around their property by using the services of a professional Texas rat exterminator who can safely rid the home of these annoying and even dangerous pests.

Why Rats Proliferate

Native to Asia, rats in Texas have spread throughout the state thanks to marine commerce and international travel. They have many natural enemies such as large snakes and birds of prey, but they are also adept at finding indoor habitats in which to live and raise young. Sheltered from predators, rats breed in large numbers, travel through sewer systems with ease and can locate even the smallest of food scraps. In Texas rat populations have grown alongside the ever increasing number of people residing in the state.

Rats Bring Disease Into The Home

Aside from the fact that Texas rats are quite capable of causing major damage to wood, cardboard and food containers, they also carry disease in their fur. Bacteria in a rats hair can be left on kitchen or floor surfaces, their droppings also contain infectious agents and these can be spread around the house by air movement from heaters or air conditioning units. Rats also carry a large number of allergens in their skin that humans are not used to, therefore their immune system may not respond favorably. Rats in homes are best dealt with by a professional mouse control company that knows these creatures habits and can effectively remove them without introducing dangerous pesticides that can affect humans and pets.

Experts In Pest Removal

Throughout the state of TX rat populations are kept under control by companies specializing in rodent infestations. Not only are proper bait techniques employed that result in a high catch rate, the company can monitor the property and install deterrent systems around the perimeter to lower the chances of reinfestation. For homeowners rats can be controlled with ease so long as an expert rodent control technician is on the job. These men and women have a great deal of experience in locating nests, discovering the pathways used by rodents to travel within the walls of a structure, and finding the points of entry and sealing them off permanently.

A clean home is a home without rodent infestation. Rats and mice are one of the leading causes of bacterial infections present in single family homes, as well as a major reason for the contracting of unknown allergies. Removing these pests from the property is simple when using a professional rat extermination company with the know-how to eliminate the problem from inside the home and outside as well.

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