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Subterranean termites are the most common and destructive termite in the U.S. Interestingly, they are found in every state except Alaska.

Subterranean termites by definition, means "situated or operating beneath the earth's surface; underground." These insects make their home (a nest or colony) primarily in the soil or wood beneath the soil. They tunnel through the ground, searching for trees, brush and other decaying wood (preferred) found in nature. If this primary source is reduced or absent, termites look to other food sources, namely, your home.

Subterranean termites easily access a home through any wood in contact with the soil. As a result, nearly every termite control and prevention list advises storing firewood several feet from the house and keeping the surrounding grounds clear of other wood debris. Home damage bills, easily costing thousands of dollars, far outweigh termite treatment costs. Regular termite inspections by pest control companies are highly recommended. Termite inspections are usually free. A pest control technician can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in home repair bills by simply conducting routine termite inspections on a regular basis and providing termite treatments as needed or on a regular basis.

Look at further information we provide about signs of termites, termite behavior, why termites are attracted to wood, and ways to avoid termites.

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