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Anyone living in America always has to be on the watch for termites. Termites cause the country approximately $1.5 billion in damage every year. Many unsuspecting homeowners don't find out about termite infestations until it is too late. If you are worried about termites in Nevada, call a termite extermination company immediately. Not only will they be able to help eliminate termites that have taken hold in your home, they will also be able to install preventative measures that help get rid of termites in NV.

Termites are famous for attacking and eating wood. However, did you know that some termites also have an appetite for carpet, cloth, paper and other soft construction materials? Termites can even chew through bone. The structure and foundation of your whole house can be at risk from termites. Termites can bring in other nasty neighbors as well. Depending on where you live, abandoned termite colonies can play host to scorpions, large colonies of ants and other pests you won't want in or around your house.

While there might be some home remedies for getting rid of termites, the best way to get rid of these pests is to call in termite exterminators. Although it is a slightly more expensive option, there really is no better way to make sure that your home is protected from serious structural damage. If termites have already colonized a building, the first step of action is to try to eliminate the colony through insecticides. This is achieved through the professional placement of poisoned feeder stations, or by blowing poison dust into termite tunnels. These poisons are capable of eliminating an entire colony. Other options include poisoning the soil around your house, but this clearly comes with excessive environmental risk and cost.

Don't wait until it is too late! Termite damage can be very hard and expensive to reverse, and a little bit of prevention can keep your house safe long into the future. If you are having a termite exterminator spray your home for roaches or other insects, ask about the services they provide for termites and termite repelling.

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