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There are some people who say that the termites in Minnesota do not really pose a problem. The main reason they cite is that the only variety present in the state is the Eastern Subterranean kind. This particular termite is not as big a threat as other varieties. However, those who claim that these pests are not a big problem also recognize that infestation does occur and in some areas they are quite bad. Even in areas where these pests are supposedly tame, there are still a good number infestations.

No place is truly safe. Termites form colonies during spring and swarms of them can be seen after rain has passed through an area. Places where there is enough timber and humidity are their preference. Fortunately, these colonies do not develop quickly and may take years. However, swarms of several thousand termites are sure indicators that a mature nest is present and professional help should be sought immediately. These nests have populations numbering in the millions and should be dealt with systematically, so the problem can be contained and private property in the surrounding area protected.

What makes mature nests hard to pinpoint is the secretive nature of these pests. They developed this nature as a means of avoiding their natural predators. Man is also avoided as we have the ability to exterminate them. Thus, areas inaccessible to human inspectors are what termites like. They enter through minute cracks in concrete and access cavities within walls or floors where humidity is high due to the accumulation of water. Although they have become good at choosing places people have difficulty getting to, a professional can always identify the telltales of an infestation.

If a house or building consists of a significant amount of timber, it may be best to have protective measures in place. Minnesota termites eat wood material starting at the center. Because they generally leave exposed wooden surface intact, waiting until there are clear signs of infestation may be too late. Talking to a termite extermination company concerning how ones home may be modified, without having to remove the timber of course, so it minimizes on what attracts termite infestation which is moisture accumulation in hard to access places.

If a termite colony is spotted, it is best not to disturb it. These pests are, by nature, vengeful. They might be forced to relocate because of the disturbance but they have been known to attack other out of the way areas of the house where they were agitated. Professional termite exterminators deal with them by chemically treating the soil and by setting up bait stations. They make use of the way these termites regularly feed and groom each other to spread insect growth inhibitors so the colony suffers a decline over time. This is coupled with regular monitoring and home modification. Thus, as always, early intervention minimizes damage. Consult with a termite exterminator if you suspect your home might be a possible target for termite colonization.

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