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Termites are a major problem for homeowners in Massachusetts. These insects can multiply rapidly, swarm from one neighborhood to another and construct a large colony on a property without the owner's knowledge. Often termites in Massachusetts are causing a large amount of damage to wood, effectively weakening a structure and making it unstable, long before the homeowner is aware of the infestation.

What To Look For

Eastern subterranean termites are found throughout New England. They live underground and use the moisture in the soil as their water supply. They consume wood at an alarming rate and will travel quite a distance to find it. Subterranean termites will swarm in the late spring or early summer, the wings often shed soon after relocation. Dead termite wings on the ground are an indication that a colony is setting up shop on the property.

Subterranean termite colonies consist of a queen, foragers and attendant males. The foragers will discover a suitable wood supply and then proceed to construct long mud tubes leading from the underground nest to the house. Once inside the walls or below the floors, termites will eat wood at an alarming rate. If mud tunnels are detected on the property it is time to call in the experts.

Do It Yourself Methods Often Fail

Termites are persistent when a good source of wood is found, and even if the homeowner is successful in locating and partly destroying the underground colony, the survivors often build a new home less than 100 feet away from the previous location. Also destroying a subterranean termite colony is risky for the inexperienced individual. Chemicals can spread to the groundwater and will remain in the soil if not used properly. The termites inside the home may remain hidden in the walls for an extended period of time before moving on to reconstruct the nest.

Professional MA Termite Exterminators To The Rescue

Massachusetts termites are best dealt with by calling in the assistance of a professional exterminator. Trained specifically in the procedure for ridding a property of an infestation, expert field technicians can quickly locate an underground colony, determine its size and use modern methods for destroying it completely. They employ advanced methods for ridding the interior walls of termites without exposing people or pets to dangerous toxins. Pest control personnel can set up a monitoring system on the property to insure that a future infestation does not take place, and they advise homeowners on the best methods for closing points of entry on the structure itself.

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