Termites in Maine - Termite Control in ME

Termites have cost Maine residents thousands of dollars in home repair by devouring the wooden components of their homes. Homeowners can buy Maine termite control products, including baits, foggers or sprays, at major retail outlets or on the internet. Although these products may temporarily remove termites from small, localized areas in your yard or garden, commercially available pesticides cannot eliminate a widespread termite infestation.

Licensed pest control companies use large quantities of professional-strength termiticide, a liquid pesticide that is formulated to kill termites. These chemicals are applied to affected areas using specialized equipment designed to reach the out-of-the-way places where these secretive pests hide. Termite infestations may develop slowly, over months or years. By the time a homeowner notices signs of termite damage, these pests have usually established themselves inside a house.

Signs of a Maine Termite Infestation

Subterranean species of termites in Maine begin their infestation in the moist soil surrounding a house. Termites are attracted to moisture, and they often colonize the damp soil under a woodpile or a leaky faucet. Once they've established their colony in the soil, termites begin to make their way into the house in search of wood-containing materials. Along with wooden beams and other structural elements of a house, termites may consume wooden furniture and paper.

Homeowners may not notice the signs of termites until the damage is underway. Tiny heaps of wooden particles resembling sawdust along the baseboards are signs of infestation. Dried mud tunnels running along exterior walls indicate that the insects are making their way from the soil into the house. Piles of wings discarded by reproductive species in the moist, warm spring months are signs of colonization. Swarms of winged termites around lighted windows or porches indicate that the home is probably infested. If you notice any of these signs, contact a termite control service for an inspection immediately.

Professional Maine Termite Extermination

In combination with liquid termite treatments, Maine termite control companies often use termite baits or barriers to stop an infestation. Termites are persistent and difficult to eradicate without professional termiticides and specialized extermination equipment. Exterminators inject termiticides into the soil around a home or into the structural components of a house to eradicate the pests. Termiticides form chemical barriers in the soil, blocking access to the home. With the help of a licensed pest control service, you may avoid costly damage to your Maine home.

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