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Termites cause a huge amount of property damage each and every year. Much of this damage can be prevented by making it impossible for termites to infest a home. Professional California termite exterminators are trained to inspect a property and employ deterrents against the invasion of these insects, as well as removing an existing colony from the yard, eliminating termites found inside walls and monitoring the home for signs of future infestations.

Western Subterranean Termites

These are found throughout the state and live primarily on wood. They prefer wood that is dried but not rotting, because their food requirements include the need for wood that has a high nutritional value. The wood framing of a home, the floorboards and the sub-floor beams are prime targets for termites. Termites in California are often found living in large underground colonies. They burrow out large caverns and connect this home to their food supply by building long mud tubes. If these tunnels are found at the ground surface and leading to the exterior walls of a home, it means that the structure has already been invaded by these creatures. Termites swarm in warm weather, often after a heavy rainfall, and the presence of dead termite wings on the property often is a sign that these insects have established an underground colony.

Eliminating Termites

Trying to eliminate California termites often results in failure for the homeowner because locating the nest is difficult. Much like roaches, termites will reorganize quickly if the entire nest is not destroyed completely. Also termites have a habit of rebuilding their colony in close proximity to the previous one unless the colony itself is swarming. Many of the toxic chemicals sold in the U.S. are not safe to use on termites, and they can spread to and contaminate the groundwater in the vicinity. Termites having been found inside the home is another problem for the homeowner. The exact location of the wood damage is hard to determine, and the structure can weaken considerably unless the foraging is stopped completely.

California Termite Control

Professional California termite control companies are trained to identify the location and size of the subterranean burrow and destroy it with chemicals that are safe for the environment as well as people and pets. Entry points can be shut off completely and an elimination plan for the interior of the home is customized to result in the least possible damage to the structure. This is far less expensive in the long run than allowing termites to continue eating the wood of a home or other building. In addition to ridding the property of this unwelcome houseguest, termite control specialists can set up a property monitoring system that will alert the homeowner if there is a return by these creatures.

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