How to Get Rid of Spiders - Spider Tips


A tidy home is the best way to keep spiders away. Cleaning often, especially behind and under furniture, is important. Dust frequently and regularly. Wipe along baseboards and in corners, and clear away any webs you find. Use a vacuum to remove webs or spiders, especially if you are unable to identify how dangerous they may be. Examine steps, windows and window treatments. Make sure screens fit tightly on doors and windows. Remove papers, boxes, bags and neaten cluttered corners regularly. Keep crawl spaces free of debris and limit boxes and other potential hiding places from basements, attics and other dark storage areas. Regularly clear away webs with a broom and use it to get rid of spiders and destroy any egg sacs you see.

Tips to combat spiders outside the home
Managing the spider population around the home is an excellent preventative measure to keep them from coming inside. Sheds and wood piles are especially appealing to spiders. A safe environment is important for friends and family members gathering in the yard or children playing around your property.

Outdoors, remove all potential spider habitats. Keep the perimeter of your home free of any debris that provides a good hiding place for spiders. Remove rocks, piles of bricks, firewood, compost piles, old boards, and other sheltering sites adjacent to the home. If necessary, move them further from your home. Keep the lawn near your home clean: cut grass short, prune bushes and shrubs. If you are gardening or moving items about your property, especially if they have been stationary for some time, wear gloves, sleeved shirts and pants. Eliminate migration of spiders into homes by filling cracks and crevices around the foundation. Make sure all screens and doors have a tight seal. Swap out white outdoor light bulbs with yellow - they are less attractive to spiders and the millions of pests spiders feed on.

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