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House spiders can be found in loose webs under furniture and behind appliances and wall hangings. They inhabit crawl spaces, stairs and stairwells, storage areas and other seldom used rooms. Other common places for spiders include bookshelves, magazine piles, cardboard boxes, and window frames. They can live for months in dry conditions without food. Some may grow large and alarming, disturbing us with their speed and unpredictable movements. Arachnophobia, the intense fear of spiders, is common and widespread. At best, spiders are generally outside the comfort zone for most people. Many find it hard to kill spiders or even get close to them and that is why they contact a spider exterminator for help.

In the home, spider webs and their residue give an impression of neglect and unsanitary conditions. Anyone who has witnessed a sudden population explosion of spiders in the home or experienced one marching across the bed knows how quickly they become an indoor nuisance. Spiders can be difficult to eliminate with household sprays and home remedies. Professional spider exterminators know varying approaches and solutions needed for effective spider extermination.

Spider Bites
All spiders are venomous. Reactions from spider bites (which are really puncture wounds from their fangs) range from unnoticeable or irritating to producing pain, redness, itching and swelling. With few exceptions, the venom of most spiders is not life threatening. However, a mild bite for one person may cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. Pay special attention to children and the elderly. If in doubt or if the wound is slow to heal, always consult a physician.

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