Rodent Control - How to Get Rid of Rodents


Rodent control is difficult and frustrating. Home or business owners who use rodent traps or try other forms of rodent removal are often unsuccessful and end up spending valuable time and money on tactics that will not entirely rid their home or business of infestation. Rodents move quickly to set up nests, reproduce at alarming rates, and can cause a huge amount of damage in a short period of time. A professional rodent exterminator knows that several different methods of rodent removal may be necessary to completely eliminate an infestation. Rodent control professionals have the training and experience necessary to exterminate pests that are elusive or pose health concerns to people and domestic animals.

Rodents refers to any animal whose incisor teeth keep growing, so they must continually gnaw in order to keep them serviceable. There are more than 2,200 different rodents. Together they make up more than 40% of all mammals. Common rodent pests include mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, prairie dogs, and many more.

Eliminating an infestation of rodents is not a quick and easy task. It is time consuming and labor intensive. If rodent pests are damaging your home, business or otherwise affecting your quality of life, contact a professional pest control company to manage the problem. A licensed professional will conduct a free inspection of your property, pinpoint any potential feeding grounds or access areas, and supply rodent control strategies. A professional rodent exterminator will also know which combination of removal methods to use. For example, rodent traps may be used, but leave that method to a rodent exterminator, too. If a trap is faulty or you forget where you placed it, an animal may die somewhere in the walls of your home, creating unsanitary health conditions and a bad stench that is difficult to remove. Rodent control technicians know where to best place traps and perform rodent removal. If you attempt rodent extermination on your own, you run the risk of having to pay an exterminator to remove dead animals and sanitize and deodorize your residence. A licensed exterminator can also provide tips on how to get rid of rodents to prevent another infestation. You will benefit by having the rodent removed or excluded, at no harm to you or your family.

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