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You may have bugs in your home. If you have been getting itchy bite marks on your ankle, leg or even tummy, it is a good sign that they are sleeping in bed with you or even worse are all around you. A bite mark is not enough to diagnose the problem, though, so it is time to play detective and see if you should call a company that offers pest control in Virginia.

You may find one or two bed bugs, but it is doubtful because they are excellent at hiding. They burrow into the mattress and box spring of your bed, into your couch or even into your bedding. At night, they come out, find you and take a bite to get some of your blood that keeps them alive. If you find a bug, keep it so you can show the Virginia pest control specialist.

No bed bug? Keep on looking. They will leave fecal matter behind in the form of dark red or even black spots on the corners of mattresses and such. This is the blood that they have that was not properly digested. Gross, but it helps you to locate the problem. Bugs like bed bugs can be a big problem as they breed quickly and can go weeks without eating, so just because you are not getting bitten does not mean that they are not there. Without pest control in VA you may have them as house guests for a very long time.

You may be wondering how you even got these critters into your home. Rule out sanitation. You can keep the cleanest house on the block and still get bugs. The problem may lie in where you went on vacation. Bed bugs and other insect in hotels have been a problem and there is not really anything you can do about it. What you can try and do is keep your luggage and clothes at the farthest point from the bed next time and hope they do not find it.

The bugs have to get out of your home fast because the longer they stay the more problems you may end up with. So call a VA pest control specialist immediately at the first signs.

Bugs are not going to leave by themselves, so you need to make them leave. A fogger and other products at the store are ineffective because many bugs are immune to these. You need something much stronger.

For Northern Virginia pest control call an experienced exterminator. One phone call to a pest control company sends professionals pest exterminators into your home and the bugs are gone just like that.

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