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You may have noticed a bite mark on your leg or felt something in the middle of the night. Maybe you even spotted a little black bug crawling on your sheets. If any of this sounds familiar, you may have bed bugs or some other nasty bugs! You need to know for sure what kind of bugs you have so that they can be treated properly. It is a smart choice to choose professional pest control in PA to help with your problems.

Bugs are very good at hiding. During the day, they are inside of your mattress or box spring. They come out when it is dark and quiet to feed. If you do see one, though, they are flat, black bugs that are very tiny. You can kill it or leave it alive, but capture it so that you can show it to a PA pest control company.

If you do not see the bugs, you can check yourself for bites, though this will noy be enough to diagnose you. They will be red, itchy, raised marks. Not everyone shows the bites though, because it is based upon an allergic reaction. If you have other people in your home, ask to see if anyone else is feeling a little itchy.

Another way you can check is for the fecal matter of the bugs. They leave behind blood that they did not digest in the form of dark red or black blotches or spots. You can find these on the mattress, box spring or bedding.

Now that you have determined that you have bugs, you have to figure out how you got them. If you have pets, they could have ridden in with them. Bugs in hotels are also fairly common. If you have stayed in a hotel recently, they may have crawled into your luggage or laundry and come home with you that way.

You may be tempted to burn your bedding and start sleeping somewhere else. Do not do this! Your bedding can be recovered. Toss your sheets in a hot dryer for about 30 minutes. That will kill most bugs that may be on your sheets temporarily. As for sleeping somewhere else, that may only spread the problem. All of this however is only a temporary solution until you can call a Pennsylvania pest control company.

A pest control company should always be called to get rid of the bugs you have. Using a pest exterminator is the only sure way to get rid of your problems.

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