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Whether crawling, flying, swarming or infesting beds and ponds, bugs are unavoidable. That is especially true in New Jersey, where a bevy of environmental factors offers attractive options for insect breeding. Accordingly, a good residential exterminator or pest control service is valuable for long-term maintenance of property and health. Pest control in NJ, as anywhere, should not be left to chance. Regular extermination and preventive services by knowledgeable NJ pest specialists is not only recommended, but as many attest, necessary for enjoying their residences during every season of the year.

Situated along the Atlantic coastline, bordered by rivers, replete with lakes and streams, NJ is no stranger to water and humidity. Indeed, stagnant swamps, reservoirs, and retention ponds, even puddles provide lively breeding grounds for notorious moisture-loving pests, mosquitoes. Despite efforts by government agencies to control them, homeowners sometimes encounter problems, especially if situated by water. Mosquitoes are dangerous, thriving on nectar, not blood, as popularly thought. They are also responsible for more human deaths than any other insect. Feeding off of humans and animals, they can inflict hosts with diseases like malaria, West Nile virus, and encephalitis. A professional property inspection by a NJ pest control service is the best insurance. Professional application of mosquito insecticide eliminates the nuisance of swatting them away but, more importantly, prevents potentially dangerous health threats.

Mosquitoes are not the only serious target for pest control in New Jersey. For, as most homeowners realize, termites are also highly attracted to the damp conditions of a humid climate. While homes are termite-inspected prior to sale and purchase, those same homes benefit by periodic checks to ensure that termite damage does not occur before it is too late. Because termites do most of their dirty work undercover, homeowners should avoid being the last to know that their wood deck or porch has been infested and structurally compromised by pests nesting in the damp, musty earth and attacking nearby wood. And although building sites for new homes can be effectively treated for termites, preventing them for years, all homeowners should have ongoing professional New Jersey pest control services for continued protection of their investment and potential savings of thousands of dollars in structural and material damages.

Beyond termites and mosquitoes, prevalent pests controlled by a professional exterminating service include bees, cockroaches, ticks, flies, and one of New Jerseys major culprits, carpenter ants. Another purveyor of moist, decaying wood, the damage such ants can inflict on a the frame of a house is staggering. While their elimination is comforting, it should be handled professionally for effectiveness.

Millipedes and centipedes - creepy crawlers also thrive on moisture. Though harmless, they are an unwelcome sight in bathrooms and basements. Another unwelcome pest that has recently become more abundant is the bed bug. Hard to spot before telltale bite marks appear upon awakening, bed bugs are just as difficult to eradicate. And what home-bound traveler would ever suspect that there, hidden among the clothing in their suitcase, bed bugs are coming home, too? Thus, a trained pest exterminator is essential for treating them, facilitating peaceful sleep without concern about bites that can lead to serious infection.

Despite which varieties of pests are poised to wreak havoc on a Garden State residence pest control companies in NJ should be enlisted. Whether involving elimination or prevention, doing so clearly reduces stress from problems with solutions more complex than meet the eye. When pests are professionally exterminated, residents can enjoy their biggest lifestyle investments, their homes.

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