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Pest control in NC can be a daily challenge no matter where you live. If you are in the mountains, there is the added nuisance of ticks and spiders. If you are in the coastal areas, you may find infestations of palmetto bugs or other cockroaches. Cockroaches are certainly a threat in urban areas, whether it's Charlotte, the tri-cities, Greensboro or Greenville. You are bound to encounter cockroaches no matter how clean you keep a home. Rural areas, of course, can't keep the great outdoors from coming inside where helpful bugs turn into household pests.

Then there are the ants that bother people from the coast to the mountains. Red ants turn lawns into danger zones. One false step could cause a hundred bites. These attacks range from extremely painful to potentially deadly. Emergency rooms and doctors see many patients who are allergic to these red menances. Children, those with health issues and the elderly are very susceptible and must be protected from red ants. This often means staying indoors when a walk outdoors would be preferable.

Another common problem is the common camel cricket. Camel crickets fill up basements, garages and those little crawl spaces under the house. No one invites them in. Who would want a jumping insect that looks like a large spider?

The answer to these and all bug infestations is to have regular inspections and treatments by a professional NC pest control company. Pest control companies specialize in the insects and other creatures that try to take over houses, apartments and condos.

It isn't a matter of cleaning the house. Sure that's important, but a clean house alone cannot stop the invasion of ants, cockroaches, spiders, camel crickets and everything else that crawls, jumps or flies, With NC pest control visiting your home regularly, you can be sure that you are eliminating all threats.

North Carolina pest control includes having your lawn, porch and deck treated regularly for fleas, ticks and other biters who spread illnesses. A healthy person who is suddenly quite ill, particularly in the summer, is often tested for illnesses such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. These tick bite illnesses do irreversible damage if they aren't treated right away.

Other lawn dangers include stinging insects such as wasps, yellow jackets and red ants. Let pest control companies stop pests before they make your life miserable.

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