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Eliminating An Indiana Pest Infestation Professionally

In nature, pests serve key roles. Their exposure to harsh surroundings and their high reproductive rate is what makes them both adaptable and difficult to eradicate. Unfortunately, your home offers the perfect environment for them to hide, breed and eat.

Carpenter ants and termites can rapidly disintegrate many wood based components of your home. Rodents such as rats and mice are known foragers, gnawing away at various materials such as duct insulation or particle board that comprises most cabinet work. Silverfish will eat their way through paper or cloth. Much of this damage occurs sight unseen, so if even a hint of this activity is occurring, it is critical that you contact an Indiana pest control firm immediately.

Expensive structural damage to your home is one problem, but a more important one is the risk of disease that insects and rodents can expose you to in your own home. Roaches or rodents passing over uncooked food can contaminate eating utensils by exposing them to E. Coli and Salmonella bacteria. Exposure to the dangerous Hantavirus or West Nile Virus can occur either through inhaling rat droppings or by mosquito bites respectively. Finally, being bitten or stung by fleas, wasps, ants or bees can trigger a severe immune response in many people.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help the situation. Prevent an Indiana pest from invading your home by sealing cracks and crevices that allow entry to your home. Pour out stagnant water and remove garbage and rotten wood from around the house. Eliminate any existing insect colonies that you can visibly find to discourage expanding populations. These steps are important and basic, but once these pests invade your home, fighting them becomes far more difficult. Rodents and insects are experts at burrowing deep into structures and proliferating there. Employing an pest management expert is your next step.

Knowing what pesticides to use on which pests, which chemicals are safe to use inside, the correct application rate, strength and frequency of use are all vital to successfully and safely tackling any infestation long-term. Indiana pest control companies are both experts on these issues and licensed to safely handle these products. Furthermore, pests are a tenacious lot. Once moved out, professional routine inspection and preventative application of barrier forming pesticides is very important to prevent them from invading your home once more.

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