Pest Control in Hawaii - Pest Extermination in HI

Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places in the world, is a vacation spot and residence that for many is a dream come true. It brings thoughts of palm trees, sunshine and beautiful ocean scenery. What we may not think of in relation to it, however, are various bugs, rodents and insects--in other words--pests. Although the area is a paradise to some, that does not eliminate the need for pest control in Hawaii. According to pest control professionals, the usual insects that are found throughout the United States are normally about the same in Hawaii, including cockroaches, a variety of ants, rats, mice, termites, and a recent increase in bed bugs.


A few of the insects that invade the home are ghost ants, pharaoh ants, and carpenter ants. Ghost ants build colonies in cabinets, behind baseboards and cracks in walls, or where-ever they can find food. The front of their bodies are dark, the second half and legs are almost white, making them hard to see. Carpenter ants are black, red or tan and live in dead wood, such as firewood. In the home, they live in crawl spaces, eaves and foam insulation. Pharoah ants are yellow with a red abdomen and nest in baseboards and other wooden areas.

Hawaii has reddish brown American cockroaches and brown banded cockroaches--those that are brown with a yellow band behind the head. They generally like moist areas and warm temperatures. They live near sewers, in basements and like to hide in dark places. The most destructive insect requiring pest control though, is surely the termite. They are mostly white with brownish heads, and can cause severe damage to a house in as little as six months. Bed bugs are flat, tiny, reddish brown bugs that hide in the smallest of cracks and crevices, and particularly like bedrooms. They feed on human blood and leave itchy, rash-like bites on the skin. They are extremely hard to eliminate.


Whether a home is infested with insects, rodents, the invasive bed bug, or any other pests, eradicating them can be very difficult for the average homeowner. If using over-the-counter pesticides, knowing how much to use, and if it is harmful to family and pets is usually difficult to determine. This often results in ineffectiveness, or worse yet, causes accidental harm. To ensure complete eradication of home-invading pests, contact professional exterminators that have experience with Hawaii pest control for safety and guaranteed results.

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