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Pest control in GA is serious business. Red ants. Dirt daubers. Wasps. Hornets. Termites. Roaches. The list goes on and on. Inside and out, you've got to watch out in Dalton, Atlanta or Savannah. In Columbus, Augusta and Athens it's just a fight to keep bugs in their place and out of yours.

It's a toss up which bug is the worst to have around the house, but the roach usually wins in a toss-up. In coastal areas, these menaces are bigger, more aggressive and tend to fly a lot. Whether it's roaches or their bigger relative the Palmetto bugs, GA pest control is the only way to rein them in and stop them from ruining your family and social life. What's more, these terrible bugs spread germs like crazy, and that's a reason right there to call for pest control help.

Like the old song, "the ants come marching" into everyones house. It starts in the spring and lasts all the way to fall unless you call a pest control company to stop them. Then there are the terrors on the lawn. The red ants are the biggest problem all over Georgia! They don't care if you are young or old, they'll attack you and leave you hurting. They can land a sensitive person or a child in the hospital. They even leave dozens of little scars where they bit and bit their victims. A Georgia pest control company will stop them before they have a chance to bite. Get pest control early and stop red ants before they create dangerous red ant hills all over your lawn.

Dirt daubers, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and their relatives also tend to take over the lawn. Some bore holes n the ground and become almost as big a menace as the red ants. Others put their homes in the most inconvenient places possible like doorways and porch eaves. Call reputable pest control in Georgia and get rid of all of these menaces in one fell swoop before anyone gets stung.

One last pest is always worth a mention. Termites strike quietly. They don't announce themselves with a sting or a late night raid on your kitchen. Stop these little devils before they cause major damage to your house by calling a pest control company that can guarantee that they are gone and they won't be back.

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