PA Rat and Mouse Control

All across Pennsylvania rodents are a problem for homeowners. Rats and mice infest a number of residences because of the availability of a food supply and the constant temperature indoors which most rodents prefer. These pests are best handled by professional exterminators that are experts in PA rat and mouse control to remove them using safe, tried and true methods that do not place humans at risk.

Dangers From Rodent Infestation in PA

Once inside homes Pennsylvania rats will attempt to locate a water supply. Small puddles in basements or leaks in plumbing are excellent sources of drinking water for rodents, and it is likely they will set up housekeeping near such an area. Rats and mice use the comfort of indoors to build nests in a concealed place, mainly for the purpose of raising their young. Rodents can reproduce at alarming rates and the population inside a single family home can grow from one adult to over a dozen in less than six months.

In Pennsylvania rodents are usually found anywhere there is water, namely along the edge of rivers and in the urban areas where there is a large underground plumbing system. Often these animals have been foraging in garbage dumpsters, around restaurants and in landfills, and dangerous bacteria and viral agents often build up in their fur. If they invade a home these germs are carried indoors with them, and can easily spread to humans and their pets either by food contamination or by airborne processes.

Locating And Eliminating Rats And Mice in PA

The rat and mice population is healthy in PA, thanks to the accumulated garbage and the ease with which these creatures can enter homes. If located indoors it is imperative the nest be removed and the entry point sealed off. Professional rat exterminators are keen at locating these entry points and by following clues such as the location of droppings and food scraps pest control personnel can generally find the nest with ease. Special baiting techniques are employed by these field technicians that do not attract roaches or ants. In addition a home monitoring system can be employed to prevent future infestations.

Mouse populations are also thriving, as wild species often find it easy to set up housekeeping in a barn or single family home. Mice tend to be more concealed and can travel easily inside walls, where they often chew on electrical wiring. Mice also leave droppings inside the walls and in the attic, producing a healthy source of bacteria that can grow if it comes in contact with water or other organic material. Mice are handled in the same way as rats, namely locating their nest, their travel routes and sealing them off from a water supply.

For homeowners in Pennsylvania rodents need not be an expensive problem. Mouse control companies are adept at locating and removing these pests from the home and insuring they do not return, leaving the property more sanitary than before and keeping humans and their pets healthy and safe.

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