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Pennsylvania bed bugs are becoming an increasing problem all across the US. For many people these pests were largely unknown until reports were on the news of major hotels and other establishments having problems. Bed bugs are no longer limited to large cities or dirty buildings. They can infect anywhere and anyone. More and more, people are reporting problems with bed bugs in Pennsylvania.

It is nearly impossible to know specifically how bed bugs get into a place. They can be on clothing, animals or other fabrics. Once bed bugs in PA arrive, they intend to stay. This creates an unpleasant home for people, because bed bugs like to feed on people while sleeping.

The tell-tale mark of a bed bug is a series of 3-4 bites in a straight line. Sometimes referred to as breakfast, lunch and dinner, these marks look nondescript. They are often mistaken for other marks. Perhaps they are mosquito or spider bites, or maybe it is just a few pimples in a weird place. Because bed bugs do not hurt when they bite and the mark does not originate for several days, it can be difficult to identify. Just as difficult as it is to know where they come from or if bed bugs are present, it is nigh impossible to eliminate them.

Bed bugs are persistent and hardy pests. Some advocate chemicals, but the most reliable way to exterminate them is by using heat. Bed bugs cannot live at high temperatures. Specifically, they cannot survive above 120 F. This may sound easy, and putting articles of clothing in the dryer is simple enough. However, getting everything in a room above 120 F can prove to be a major challenge. Heaters are not made to heat a room that high, and the mattress will not fit in a dryer. When dealing with an infestation, it is best to look to a professional bed bug exterminator.

Call someone who has eliminated many Pennsylvania bed bugs. Professional bed bug extermination companies often have trucks with heaters designed to heat rooms above 120 F. Using flexible ducting to direct this to the infested area, trained service personnel can quickly remove any bed bugs. This is a much simpler and more effective measure than anyone can do on their own.

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