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Anyone living in Oklahoma has encountered pest problems and has looked for an Oklahoma pest control company to help exterminate them. The climate of the state, with its humid summers and mild winters, is an ideal breeding ground for pests. The US harbors many types of pests ranging from simple nuisance ants, to termites that destroy wood structures to brown recluse spiders that are harmful to humans. People often attempt to control these intruders themselves, but after spending countless dollars on sprays and logging hours of labor the majority realize the fix is temporary.

It soon escalates into a full-scale invasion again with most homeowners encountering more than one type of pest at a time. People quickly realize they are spending more money on sprays than it would cost them to hire a professional exterminator. The fact that Oklahoma pest professionals save the homeowner time and aggravation is a bonus. Some pests are a nuisance, others destroy plants and others eat their way through wood. Several of them carry diseases that are dangerous to humans and animals, and others are poisonous enough to cause harm if bitten.

There are things homeowners can do to help Oklahoma pest control keep your home nuisance free. Inspect the home and seal cracks and holes, and repair any water leaks no matter how small. Avoid letting water stand on your property, install yellow bug lights and keep pets treated as recommended by your veterinarian. People often landscape around the foundation of their home. When you landscape there are several tips to reduce its attractiveness to pests.

Avoid placing stones and landscape timbers next to the foundation - place them as far away as possible. Use a thin layer of mulch keeping it at least a foot away from the dwelling. Remove all dead wood and leaves from around the foundation. In the interior of the home do not let food or dirty dishes sit in the kitchen. Keep the inside free of clutter that can provide nesting places. Get rid of items that are not in use such as boxes and clothing.

Implementing these suggestions will not rid your home of pests, but they will help Oklahoma pest control rid your residence of them and keep it that way. Many Oklahomans have discovered through trial and error that the best way to remain pest free is to work in unison with a pest exterminator. Exterminators spray on a one-time basis or treat the residence on a routine maintenance schedule.

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