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During winter snow and sleet, we look forward to spring in Ohio. Yet it brings with it a surge of insects that want to take over our homes. There are no store bought remedies that can bring relief the way that Ohio pest control professionals can.

According to the Ohio Pest Control Association, if you want to rid yourself of insects and vermin, you need regular inspections and treatments.

Consider the cockroach, a major Ohio pest. If you catch one in your kitchen, you throw out anything that a roach might have touched. You spend extra money trying to clean away anything that might be feeding it, but even a crumb is enough to keep a roach going for weeks. You spend extra money trying to spray them away but store bought sprays don't last. Sometimes all they do is kill a bug that you could have smashed with a fifty cent fly swatter. Still, you want to stop them and you search for nests to destroy. After all of that agony, you give in and call pest control services. Presto. The pros appear. They inspect. They treat the home, that crawl space where you won't go, and the shed. Presto. No more roaches. That's because they use scientifically proven methods of eradication. They destroy bugs and eggs. They break the cycle and end the infestation.

Then there's the tic, the flea and the spider. They may live indoors or out. They may carry terrible diseases or just be a terrible nuisance. The trick is to have Ohio pest exterminators spray your home and yard. This eliminates the risk of spider bites because you won't have them around to build webs in your clean home. This eliminates the risk of Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and other debilitating diseases that ticks carry. It also protects dogs, cats and livestock from these blood-sucking menaces.

Pest professionals can also keep ants from having a picnic in your kitchen. Their treatments send poison back to the colony, killing off the queen and the thousands of baby ants just waiting to take over your home.

Termite inspections and treatment saves home owners untold thousands every year. Once termites move in, it is usually too late. Termites can cause five and ten thousand dollars of structural damage. This and the resultant remodeling could be avoided with pest control.

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