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Bed Bugs in Ohio May Be In Your Bed

The idea of bed bugs sounds like a childrens tale that you tell kids at the end of the night. Sleep tight, do not let the bed bugs bite. But they do exist and they most certainly bite. So how do you know if you have Ohio bed bugs?

You can tear your bed apart and you will never see them. Bed bugs in Ohio are excellent at hiding because they sleep during the day and come out of their hiding at night. They feed on your blood, even though they do not take a whole lot. They can be inside of your mattress, deep in your sheets or even in your pillow.

When an Ohio bed bug comes out to feed, they bite you in order to take a little blood. As a result, they leave behind a red bite mark that probably itches like crazy. If you have got multiple bed bugs in your bed, then you may have little clusters of red bite marks on your ankles, your arm or anywhere else they decide to dine on you.

If you have been traveling recently, a bed bug in Ohio probably made it back to your house that way. These little guys can jump into your luggage, hitch a ride in your dirty laundry or any other way and you would have never known. To avoid this in the future, keep your luggage and clothes in the farthest part of the room away from the bed. This way they cannot make it home.

There are a few ways to get rid of bedbugs in Ohio. You can buy zippered bags to go over your mattress and pillow, however these only work some of the time and they are very uncomfortable to sleep on. The idea behind them is that you are restricting access of the bed bugs so they cannot feed. The problem is that bed bugs in Ohio hotels can go for weeks without feeding, so it does not do you a whole lot of good.

The only sure way to get rid of the problem is to have a bed bug extermination company come out. They will spray and kill the bugs, making sure they are out of your life once and for all. You want to make sure they are gone so you do not have any sleepless nights or any more bug bites.

Call an Ohio bed bug control company and have them take care of these pests so you can go back to bed.

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