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In New England homeowners have to battle against the invasion of cockroaches, ants, termites and rodents such as mice and rats. These creatures are merely looking for a place to build a nest, raise young and search for food, but in the process they can do much damage to the property, introduce viruses and bacteria into the home and spoil great amounts of food. Dealing with these invaders means calling in the services of a NH pest control company, which uses modern, safe techniques for ridding the property of unwanted visitors and prevents them from re-colonizing.

A Losing Battle For Homeowners

Roaches are a prime example of pests that seem to get out of control for the homeowner. Although store bought chemicals and sprays kill a number of roaches most of the colony remains intact, and locating the nest is difficult. Eastern subterranean termites will swarm when their colony expands to large numbers and these winged reproductive individuals will find a new source of wood and build an underground burrow that is hard to locate and destroy.

Rodents such as field mice and rats will discover an opening into the home, rear their offspring in a concealed location and damage the home's food supply. Rats also carry allergens in their fur, leave droppings throughout the house and inside the walls, allowing disease to spread around the home. Improper placement of traps and using the wring bait will often result in attracting other pests into the home rather than eliminate the rodent population.

Expert Advice And Pest Removal

Companies that offer New Hampshire pest control are specially trained to locate all entry points for ants, roaches, termites and rodents, and can seal them off permanently. After a careful inspection of the property, these professional exterminators will design a removal plan that keeps people and pets out of harm's way, does not damage the environment and insures that all of the invasive population is destroyed. Most service agreements come with an ongoing maintenance schedule that includes outdoor monitoring systems and preventive measures that keeps future infestations from occurring.

Don't Hesitate To Take Action

In northern and southern NH pest control companies are ready to perform a complete removal procedure for all types of common pests. It is vital to take care of the problem immediately, because once these pests are discovered it usually means their numbers are already growing. If left unchecked, roaches and termites can multiply rapidly, and rodents can destroy an entire food supply overnight. It is imperative to remove these pests at the earliest stage possible before the cost of damage far exceeds the price paid for a simple extermination.

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