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Living in the desert in southern Nevada can be challenging for many reasons. Not only are extreme temperatures and rainstorms problematic, homeowners and renters are also constantly pitted against invading insects. These insects have adapted to the harsh conditions of the desert and are hardy pests. Using Nevada pest control services brings customers peace of mind and keeps their home safe and infestation free.

Homes in the desert are particularly attractive to insects for a few reasons. Many insects, like humans, seek indoor shelter when conditions are extremely bad. Many insects go dormant during the colder months and reappear during warmer spring and summer months, which means that you not only have to deal with the heat but with bugs as well. Finally, homes in the desert will usually provide insects with easily accessible food and water. You want to contact exterminators that offer pest control in Nevada to stop these pests from bothering you.

What are some of the most common insects and pests southern Nevada residents have to worry about? Cockroaches and scorpions are the two main culprits, though ants, lizards, spiders and flies might become problems as well.

Cockroaches grow especially large in the desert and can be found virtually everywhere. Some cockroaches can go without food for a month, while others can survive without air for up to 45 minutes. Others can survive being submerged underwater for 30 minutes. If you think you have eliminated most cockroaches and eliminated their food sources, think again. A cockroach can live off of the glue on a postage stamp, and a female cockroach can lay hundreds of eggs over her lifespan. Without the help from Southern Nevada pest control companies you will have an extremely difficult time trying to exterminate them on your own.

Scorpions like to inhabit dark places in houses. The insides of shoes, along the baseboards and in between boxes are likely hiding places for scorpions. Scorpions, along with cockroaches, are attracted to water, and can be found inside drains, underneath sinks or anywhere else that regularly holds water. Scorpions, while terrifying, are usually harmless to adult humans. However, the sting of a scorpion can be harmful or fatal to children, the elderly or household pets. Seek medical attention if you have been stung by a scorpion.

Homeowners and renters are usually not equipped to deal with these pests. Being fastidiously clean is not enough most of the time, and store-bought bug spray just can't get the job done.

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