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Ah, North Carolina, home of man's first heavier than air powered flight. You can bet the Wright brothers made sure the spars, struts, and other wooden members of their 'Flyer were in sound condition before lifting off. If you want to keep your home sound, regular inspections and maintenance to ward off NC termites are a must.

There are two varieties of destructive termites in NC that you are likely to encounter. By far the most prevalent termite in the United States, is the Eastern Subterranean termite. Eastern subs, as their name implies, dig nests in the soil below the frost line and above the water table. Eastern subs need wood and soil contact, or some other sort of a "bridge" to infest a home generally, but the slippery little devils can fit into cracks as little as a sixteenth of an inch in width. Eastern subs like damp, and will often fill the galleries they cut in wood with damp bits of soil, which can add secondary rot damage to the wood. Likewise, Eastern subs often build mud tubes for transiting themselves across open areas, and these tubes are the surest sign that you have an infestation. Unfortunately, these tubes are also liable to be the only sign. Eastern subs tend to eat wood in a manner that leaves it hollow but with an apparently sound surface, which is but a thin shell. Thus, they can often do major structural damage before being detected.

The other termites in North Carolina that you might encounter are the West Indian Powderpost termites, a invasive species. As the name implies, West Indian Powderposts do not need a lot of moisture, nor do they need ground contact. West Indian Powderposts have smaller colonies, and can often be found in individual pieces of furniture or even picture frames. The tendency to inhabit such small pieces of wood makes them highly mobile, and often they will infest a house through a piece of furniture.

Whatever kind of termites you run across, a professional North Carolina termite exterminator should contacted as soon as signs of infestation are detected. You may already be suffering structural damage.

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