NC Insect Extermination - Insects in North Carolina

North Carolina has many different types of insects that can annoy homeowners. There are the ordinary flies that swarm over you in the summer, as well as mosquitoes and bees. Termites, wasps, fleas and other creepy insects that homeowners do not want to have visit are common guests in their home. With the different habitats, it is no wonder that NC insect infestations can find a home inside someone elses home.

Some of the most common insects in North Carolina are the ones that fly around outside. They may bother people when they are trying to have a cookout or swimming, but they are basically harmless. Sometimes these pesky critters make their way inside homes. Unless there is an abundance of insects in the home, they can usually be lived with peacefully. Flies and mosquitoes are some of the more known North Carolina insects. They multiply very quickly and thrive off of standing water. Homeowners should try to avoid leaving buckets or other items outside that can hold water in them. Bees and wasps are more aggravating and can cause pain if you are stung by them. The only time homeowners really need to worry about bees and wasps is when there is a large nest or you are allergic. Pest control specialists can come to the home to remove a large wasp nest so that the homeowner does not have to remove it on their own.

Pets are carriers for fleas and ticks, especially in the summer. Homeowners like to keep their pets inside so they are not too hot or cold depending on the season. Fleas are very small and can hide in the carpet of the home. If homeowners see fleas in their house, an exterminator can spray the inside and outside to remove them. Other insects in NC that homeowners may come across are centipedes. These worms have multiple legs, and they look disgusting. Some centipedes do bite so it is important to have the home exterminated to get rid of them. Ants enjoy getting into homes in the summer months as well. Sometimes homeowners can set traps, but the best way to completely rid the house of an ant problem is by getting an exterminator to come and spray.

NC insects are a pain to control in the home. However, with the right insect exterminator in North Carolina, you can gain control back of your house

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