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Do you have Massachusetts bed bugs at your location? For many residents the very idea seems impossible. Maybe in some far off, poverty stricken part of the Third World, but not in New England!

Yet the truth is that bed bugs are making their way into Massachusetts, and not just in the poorer parts of big cities but in the bedroom communities of suburbia. How is this possible? With people today traveling all over the world it is all too common for bed bugs to find their way into our homes from luggage, clothing, and hotel linen. The fact that some pesticides that are effective against bed bugs such as DDT have been banned for environmental reasons also has not helped. And it doesn't take much, just one female bed bug carrying eggs is sufficient to start an infestation.

How can you tell if you have bed bugs in Massachusetts? Bed bugs look the same as bed bugs anywhere else: small, flat, brown, oval and they do not have wings. They are so tiny that you often don't see them - but if they are there, you can feel them! Their bites cause reddish sores on your skin similar to a mosquito, although people who are especially sensitive can have more severe reactions. The good news is that bed bugs are not known to carry any serious diseases, but that is small comfort if you can't get a good night's sleep due to the biting pests.

So what can you do about bed bugs? Unfortunately, once you have them as unwelcome guests in your home not much can be done to get rid of bed bugs in Massachusetts on your own. Because they are so small it is a hopeless task to try to kill them all yourself. That is especially true if you live in an apartment, since bed bugs tend to spread to infest the whole building. Unless you treat the entire building, they will quickly find their way back from the infested apartments next door.

Therefore, once a bed bug infestation occurs, only the use of professional pest control or extermination services can solve the problem. While it's hard to put a price on a good night's sleep, if you've ever been a victim of bed bugs, then you know that it's a price worth paying.

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