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The following information might surprise many people, but statistics show that at least 60% of MD homeowners need termite control. Sadly, many individuals attempt to take care of a Maryland termite problem without professional help and the destructive pests return or never go away. If you have ever tried to take care of household annoyances such as termites, you already know how frustrating it is to get rid of social insects, and how expensive it can end up being.

Termites in Maryland -- 60% of Landowners Unsuspecting

Termites cause more damage, more frequently, in households than other instances in life, like earthquakes, windstorms and fires. These critters hit most states, including Alaska, and invade more than 5,000,000 homes annually. Still, termite destruction is seldom included in general homeowners insurance policies.

Nationwide, on average, one out of every three households experience termites in Maryland; consequently, several homeowners fail to safeguard their homes from possible infestations. Actually, 60% of homeowners have yet to take preemptive measures, like termite treatments, to prevent the invasions at their present locations.

For folks who have not experienced this issue at home, or for people who are not sure if a problem exists, the following details describe indications of infestation of termites and additional helpful information for any homeowner residing in the state.

Maryland Termite Management - What are the Indications of an MD Termite Invasion?

During the springtime, if you see swarms of termites, that is a good indication of an issue with infestation. During the spring season is the time when Maryland termite control is most essential, a period during the year when, not millions, but billions of generative underground termites disperse from their clusters, and they hunt out new houses to invade. If you have seen swarms of these pests, you need assistance with this situation. You may wish to consider hiring professional exterminators to handle it if the instance is significant.

Besides viewing big swarms of these insects on or about the house, or inside of it, additional indications of termite infestation consist of wood that sounds hollow, mud tubes (which termites create around the walls of homes look like tiny mud funnels), and wings about doors, bathtubs and/or sinks, windows and heating ducts and dead termites. If homeowners find signs of termite invasion, they may want to contact a licensed expert in termite control in Maryland; consequently, not every termite remedy eliminates the issue.

For more information or for a Maryland termite inspection, feel free to contact us, any time, and we will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

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