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The Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, are crowded with more than just people. Pests abound and they like to come inside and make daily living miserable.

Cockroaches are so tough that household sprays and traps can't put a dent in the population. Just a few show up and suddenly there are hundreds. Nests can be anywhere: under the refrigerator, in boxes in the attic, and behind the cleaning supplies under the sink. Of course, they love the garage, basement and unfinished crawl spaces.

Worst of all, it doesn't matter how clean a home or apartment is kept. Cockroach infestations don't end with clean counters and a good floor mopping. You can vacuum, sweep and spray but they just won't go away.

It's a source of embarrassment and it feels like harassment! Fortunately Maryland exterminators can end the problem. They get rid of the adults. They kill of the eggs. They find all the nooks and crannies where roaches hide. Soon the roaches are gone, and the human residents can rest and relax without fearing these bacteria-carrying pests.

A new urban blight is the bed bug. Once thought eradicated, the bed bug is back. If you suspect these in your home, act fast. Call exterminators in Maryland. You can't let them take over one bed because soon it will be every bed, sofa and even stuffed chairs. If they take hold, you'll find yourself throwing out pillows and kids' favorite stuffed friends. Then you will move on to destroying your mattresses, that expensive sofa and Dad's easy chair. Carpets and rugs aren't safe either. To spare yourself this nightmare, call exterminators to do it right the first time. Don't let bedbugs ruin your family's sleep or your valuable property.

Getting exterminators in MD are especially important if you are a hotel manager or bed and breakfast inn owner. For inns and hotels, good, clean beds are their bread and butter. Yet bed bugs can start in one room and soon be everywhere. Of course, cockroaches aren't welcome either. Keep exterminators in Maryland on call, and save yourself time, money and hassle.

For more peace of mind, have Maryland exterminators rid your house of ants and other pests. Also get them to spray for wasps and hornets before these stinging insects ruin your rest and relaxation outdoors.

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