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Louisiana termites cause a great deal of damage to homes and property each year. These insects are natural decomposers and serve an important purpose in the wild, but unfortunately humans have to deal with them on a constant basis, mainly trying to keep them from consuming the wood that makes up the framing and interior of homes and other structures.

Signs of Termites in Louisiana

Both drywood and Formosan subterranean termites are common in the Gulf region, the latter being native to China and brought accidentally to North America by ship in the early and middle thirds of the 20th century. Subterranean termites build huge underground nesting sites and the colony can expand to thousands of individuals. They construct tunnels made of mud and spittle that stretch from the colony to a source of wood. Often this is the framing or subfloor of a house, and termites devour this tasty wood at an alarming rate. Drywood termites live above ground and are especially dangerous as a destroyer of homes because they actually build their nests in the food supply itself. Drywood termites can weaken a structure extensively before the homeowner is aware that the problem exists.

How To Solve The Problem

Homeowners in Louisiana should be aware of any mud tubes leading away from their home, as well as be on the lookout for termite swarms. These occur when a nest is overpopulated and the reproductive individuals have grown wings allowing them to search out a new colony site. These wings are often shed soon afterwards and the presence of dead termite wings on the property means a new colony has been established nearby. Warped or cracked drywall or wall paneling is a sign that the interior framing may be sagging as a result of termites eating the wood behind the sheetrock. If termites are suspected as being the culprit, it is advisable to contact an expert Louisiana termite control company that specializes in the elimination of these insects.

Professional Termite Extermination Procedures

Termites in Louisiana are best dealt with using a master removal plan suggested by the pest control company. The idea is to remove or destroy the colony completely without compromising the integrity of the home or the strength of the interior or exterior walls. This usually involves expert spraying behind the sheetrock, under the floors and also underground in the case of subterranean termites. This procedure is carefully performed in a manner that does not expose humans to toxic chemicals, nor does it introduce dangerous pesticides into the water supply.

Termites in the home or colonizing on the property must be dealt with immediately, before they have a chance to perform damage to the wood in the house itself. Eliminating the population at an early stage is far less costly than repairing the damage caused by an unchecked colony of decomposer insects.

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