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With its sub-tropical climate, Louisiana provides fertile ground for a number of pests that can infiltrate a home. While the state is made of distinct geographic zones, one thing every part of the state has in common is a surfeit of insects and animals that take advantage of entrance into human dwellings. Louisiana houses provide ample opportunities for pests to gain access to food and shelter. By consulting a professional Louisiana pest control technician, homeowners can gain peace of mind that their home is free of vermin.

The uplands of Louisiana, in the northern portion of the state is drier and hillier than the southern, alluvial plains. In both parts of the state, however, high humidity and high temperatures are common, and insects thrive.

Termites are of particular concern in Louisiana, with New Orleans being ground zero for an stubborn infiltration of Formosan subterranean termites. These pests were accidentally imported to the port of New Orleans aboard foreign vessels. These termites live in the ground, and their colonies are notoriously difficult to eradicate. Once detected in a home, the entire building needs to be fumigated for seventy-two hours. The premises is vacated, and the building is covered with a brightly colored tent to prevent accidental entry by humans. The chemical used to fumigate a home is powerful enough to kill everything living in the home.

Fumigation for Formosan termites has the advantage of making a clean sweep of every pest present in an infested house. This procedure can only be performed by a licensed professional who has been trained to handle these chemicals safely. Use by private citizens is strictly regulated, and it is not advised that people attempt this procedure on their own.

Because Formosan termite colonies reside in the ground surrounding a home, the ground is injected with other chemicals that have been proven deadly to the insects, with little harm to surrounding wildlife or humans.

With their expertise in treating exotic termite infestations, companies that offer pest control in Louisiana are well prepared to tackle more commonplace nuisances. Regular, native termites require different protocols to control their populations and spread. Mosquitoes are a particular nuisance in Louisianas wet climate, and professionals can identify breeding places which should be eliminated to prevent reoccurrence. Flies, ticks, ants, and cockroaches, are frequent interlopers in buildings. Each requires a specific approach and strategy to keep a building pest-free.

Mice, rats, geckos, and squirrels often take advantage of openings in a buildings structure to make nests and colonies. Mechanical traps and chemical poisons can be deployed to eliminate the nuisances. The equipment that licensed professional Louisiana pest control companies use requires special training and certification to guarantee safe operation to achieve the goal of a worry-free home.

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