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Thinking of Vermont brings to mind its beautiful scenery and quaint villages, lazy summers and snowy winters. Of course, it has plenty of thriving cities, too, such as Burlington, Montpelier and Newport. Something else it has, which we may not immediately think of but is common everywhere--the need for pest control. Vermont insects run the gamut as they do in all of the United States, from the insects we take delight in, butterflies, ladybugs, fireflies and honeybees, to spiders, ants, fleas, ticks and bedbugs. Most insects here are the common garden-variety type and do not present major problems, except to the homeowner invaded by a particular insect at certain times.

Spiders are beneficial insects in Vermont that eat other more troublesome insects in the garden and even in the home. Although most spiders do not present a danger to people, most people do not want them in the home, mainly for the sight of them and their webs. They just do not belong indoors. Spraying insecticides inside the home may help temporarily, but the most effective way to control spiders and have none in the home is to treat the outside. This is usually not a job for the homeowner. Special equipment and insecticides are needed to treat the entire exterior and keep spiders and webs away from the home.

Vermont has large areas that are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and ticks and some of these insects carry the West Nile virus. Reducing the population of these unpleasant insects can be accomplished by eliminating any standing water on the property, such as that in old tires, buckets, or clogged rain gutters. Vermont insect control companies treat frequently in areas that have dense shrubbery, ponds, or boundaries near woods.

Cockroaches, cluster flies, fleas and bed bugs are all infestations of insects that most homeowners are ill-equipped to handle. Although many over the counter products exist, they do not always eliminate the problem and a great deal of time and money can be spent in futile attempts at eradication. At the first sign of an insect invasion, contact professional Vermont insect exterminators for safe effective and guaranteed elimination of the pests. Professionals know the exact type and strength of insecticides to use while keeping people, pets and property safe from harm.

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