Hawaii Termites - Termite Control in HI

Hawaii has a well-deserved reputation as an island paradise. Unfortunately island paradises tend to be vulnerable to aggressive and invasive introduced species, and nowhere is this more evident than in the growing problem of termites in Hawaii.

Termites like the the Hawaiian Forest Tree Termites tend to require a lot of moisture. This means that while they can be destructive, they tend to only attack wood that is moist or very near a good source of moisture. Thus, they are primarily a pest only where there is a problematic build up of moisture. These termites leave round, moist pellets around the areas of infestation.

The Formosan Subterranean Termite on the other hand, is an aggressive and incredibly voracious invader that is far and away the most feared of Hawaii termites, and the most feared termite in the United States for that matter. Like other Subterranean Termites, the Formosan typically builds underground nests and enters wood that has soil contact. Unlike other subterranean termites however, the Formosan does not specifically need to nest in the ground and can often be found infesting wood several stories off the ground if sufficient moisture is present. The Formosan Subterranean Termite will attack practically anything made of wood, not just houses, but also utility poles, boats and ships, and living trees. Formosan Termites also cause electrical failures by chewing through the insulation on electrical wires. Formosan Subterranean Termites put other termites to shame as for destructive capacity, and can often do major structural damage to a house in only a few months of activity.

The other Hawaii termite species is the West Indian Powderpost Termite, a drywood termite. Like all drywood species, the West Indian Powderpost Termite does not require ground contact, and derives its moisture entirely from the wood they consume. The West Indian Powderpost Termite eats sound, dry wood, and often can be found in pieces of wood as small as an individual furniture member. This tendency allows colonies of drywood termites to be transported to new locales with great ease. As the name implies, the surest sign of West Indian Powderpost Termites are the tiny piles of dry fecal matter they eject around the wood they infest.

Whatever termite species you detect, you should contact a professional exterminator who specializes in Hawaii termite control immediately. Your home could already be undergoing major structural damage from termites. You should subject your home to regular preventative measures to prevent infestation as well.

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