Hawaii Pest - Pests in HI

Hawaii is a beautiful state known for sunsets, beaches and surfing. Unfortunately, it's also home to a wide variety of pests. You may have experienced some pests in Hawaii firsthand, and may need to rid your home of them. A professional exterminator can help you with pest control and rid your home of many of the pests. Some common Hawaii pests include ants, centipedes, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, and frogs.

Although some of these creatures are native to the area some of the Hawaii pests were actually introduced to the islands by accident. Mosquitoes arrived in Hawaii thanks to sailors in a previous century, who brought them over in water casks on the ships. Apple snails, which were originally brought over to be eaten as escargot, instead found their way into the taro fields and became highly destructive and costly.

A Hawaii pest can easily make their way into people's homes. Fire ants, for instance, are problematic because they have very painful bites, and they may bite several times. Some people have allergies to fire ants, which can result in rashes, vomiting, dizziness and even chest pains.

Although cockroaches are mostly harmless, people often associate them with dirtiness. They breed quickly, so a very few cockroaches can turn into a houseful fast. Once they turn up, they are hard to get rid of.

Mosquitoes not only have itchy bites that can be quite annoying, they can also carry human diseases, like dengue fever or malaria, which can be deadly. Mosquitoes can also transmit diseases like heartworm to pets. They are usually found around pools of stagnant water.

Hawaii has a wide variety of spiders, which can range from just plain creepy to deadly. Some common spider varieties found in it include the shy cane spider, which although large is still pretty harmless; the black widow and brown widow spiders, which have poisonous bites that will require immediate medical treatment; and the jumping spider, which despite being small, has a painful bite that can blister and swell.

If you have a Hawaii pest infestation that is causing trouble in your home, contact a professional exterminator. Most home efforts to get rid of these pests are only temporary at best, and can be quite expensive over time. It's better to hire someone with a guaranteed track record, who can get rid of the pests for good.

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