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Pests can be an annoyance for homeowners but can also cause major damage to the property as well as spoil the food supply. In Hawaii there are few native species that do harm, but over the years the marine commerce industry has introduced a number of animals that can infest a home and create a major disturbance, among them rats and cockroaches. Proper inspection by Hawaii exterminators of the home for cracks and holes is a good step for homeowners wanting to keep these critters outside. All too often they will find a route indoors and begin to breed inside walls, underneath floors and near warm areas like a furnace room.

Perfect Climate For Pests

Cockroaches prefer a humid atmosphere and a steady temperature, and Hawaii is the perfect location for them to proliferate. Cockroaches will spend time around garbage and carry dangerous bacteria on their feet. When a food source is located indoors these animals will set up a concealed nest and begin traveling through walls, along pipes and behind cabinetry.

Rats also love warmer weather and will use a home as a nesting and breeding area. Rats have several natural enemies but staying indoors helps keep them protected from these predators. Rats carry allergens in their fur and their feet are usually quite dirty. Also their droppings can be full of bacteria which can grow rapidly inside the home.

Many of the ants found in Hawaii are also non-native and were brought here from other parts of the world. Fire ants are now found in the islands and this can be a major headache for property owners, as they build underground homes with amazing rapidity and can overrun the interior of a home in a single night in their search for sugary foods.

Use Professional Exterminators in Hawaii

Exterminators are experts in identifying the pests commonly found in the islands. They will locate the entry points, seal them off and recommend a custom removal plan that keeps humans and pets safe from dangerous toxins. Exterminators in Hawaii are very sensitive to the environmental balance and will not use improper pesticides in the outdoor areas, which could contaminate the groundwater and spread through the neighborhood. Also these field operatives are adept at using perimeter traps and monitoring stations that deter future infestations of rodents such as mice and rats.

Homeowners who see cockroaches, ants or rodents on their property or inside the home should not hesitate to call in the services of an exterminator. A free inspection will reveal the extent of the problem, which will only grow in magnitude if not solved in its early stages.

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