GA Pest - Pests in Georgia

Like most locales with a warm climate, Georgia suffers from its share of pests. It's like a war every spring and summer against pests of all kinds. There just isn't a long enough dormant season to give Georgians a chance to take a breather.

Red ants are a major GA pest. We recommend early treatment of lawns to protect children, pets and adults from red ant's vicious stings. Anyone who has ever lived through an attack just for stepping on a red ant hill knows that these pests are merciless. They swarm a person, leaving terrible bites which are painful for days and actually leave scars. The only way to stop them is with treatment by a professional Georgia pest exterminator.

Then there are the wasps, the dirt daubers and the yellow jackets. Kill one and more take its place. Destroy one nest and you'll find out they have three more. Pest control companies are the only sure way to get rid of every flying, stinging critter that builds a house on your property.

Then there are the borers. These insects insist on boring a hole into every exposed piece of wood on a home or office building. They just open the door to all kinds of other mischief from even more pests. The Georgia Pest Control Association can recommend the best way to protect yourself from this menace.

Inside and out, termites come in droves to see what's for dinner. When it's your house, you know you can't afford to lose a single battle. You must call pest control companies in Georgia before the termites ever try to wing their way into your life.

Inside the house or office pests march past you quietly. The sugar ant, the black ant, and all of their cousins think they can have anything they want if they bring enough friends with them. Fortunately, there are qualified experts with a Georgia Pest Control License who can outsmart those ants every time and keep them from coming back, too.

The real thief in the night is probably the common cockroach or its coastal cousin, the Palmetto bug. Treatment is your only option to rid yourself of these pests before they ruin your next dinner party.

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