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Flying ants are observed during summer. Swarming is part of the reproductive process for winged ants. Winged ants from several colonies may swarm at once, which alarms people who witness this mass gathering. Flying ants are particularly visible in or around large trees, rooftops and chimneys. Winged ants in the home are usually scavenging food remains, bread crumbs and other remnants in your kitchen. Trash cans and kitty litter boxes are another popular draws for swarming flying ants. If the flying ant problem in your home is particularly bad, you may have a nest -- an established colony existing somewhere within the home. If you see an unusually large number of winged ants in house, consult a professional ant exterminator for pest control, especially if the ants are flying black ants (carpenter ants) or field ants. Field ants usually nest outdoors next to foundations. The winged variety may swarm indoors occasionally, working their way in through cracks in the foundation or by falling down the chimney while swarming above it.

People often confuse with flying ants with termites. Homeowners see scattered, discarded wings on floors and window sills as evidence of a winged ant infestation. There are distinctive differences between flying ants and termites. In order to discern a termite from a winged ant, compare their distinctive body parts:

  • Ants have a narrow, wasp-like waist (more "cinched" in the middle of the body). Termites do not have a defined waist.
  • Ant wings are about equal to the body size, with the fore and hind wings of unequal length. Termites have four wings of equal length that are nearly twice as long as their bodies.
  • Ant antennae are L-shaped, with a "bend," while termite antennae are straight.

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