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All across the state of Florida homeowners battle with roaches, ants, termites and other common pests, often finding they cannot control the destruction and spoilage that results from the infestation. The most common FL pest can cause countless millions of dollars in damage each year, and the key to ridding them from the property and preventing their return involves knowing their habits, locating their entry points and using the correct method of elimination.

Subterranean And Drywood Termites in Florida

Both of these are common throughout the state and can cause major damage to wood. Termites will swarm when the colony reaches a certain size, often in the spring or early summer after a heavy rainfall. If termite wings are discovered on the property or mud tunnels are found leading to the exterior walls of the home, it means an infestation of these creatures has likely begun. Locating the nest can be extremely difficult, as subterranean termites colonize below ground and the drywood variety builds nests in the walls of the house itself.

The Problem With Ants

A difficult Florida pest to handle is the common ant and a number of species are found from Jacksonville to Miami and all points between. Several species of red ants, black ants and carpenter ants are seen in neighborhoods across the state, and fire ants have invaded the region from other parts of the south and south-central U.S. Ants are attracted to sweets and sugar, and they communicate a food discovery to their peers by leaving scent trails. Ants are adept at finding alternate routes to a food source and therefore it is difficult for homeowners to find all the entry points and close them off.

Roaches And Disease

Roaches enjoy the warm climate of Florida, but will prefer to live indoors when possible. They build concealed nests inside a wall and can be impossible for the homeowner to eliminate. These pests in Florida carry dangerous bacteria on their feet which they spread throughout the home and leave on all food they come in contact with.

A Job For Professionals

Experts who have experience handling Florida pests have the knowledge and training to deal with infestations because they are familiar with the habits of these species. They can quickly locate entry points, close them off, and choose the correct method of chemical elimination for roaches and termites. In FL pest control professionals are concerned with poisons coming into contact with people, pets and the groundwater supply, therefore they use modern methods that require the least amount of contamination with the outside environment. Also these field technicians employ preventive methods that discourage the return of termites and other insects. A properly maintained home that includes the outside assistance of a professional exterminator helps insure the property is free from these unwelcome visitors once and for all.

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