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When shopping for a new home most people will turn down a house or apartment due to the sight of a cockroach. Many an apartment and condominium has been turned down because the client saw a roach or too many spider webs.

This natural reaction to pests is part of the reason that exterminators in Massachusetts work so hard to rid homes and businesses of unsightly, unhealthy insects. Without exterminators, insect problems just grow bigger, the damage they cause grows more costly and the bacteria and filth that they spread makes the home or business more and more unhealthy.

The newest pest threat is an old one: bed bugs, once considered almost extinct, have returned. Hotel and inn owners fear them. Travelers worry that they will encounter them, even in a pricey hotel. They also must worry that they might bring the bed bugs home with them. That is, after all, how they spread. Home owners pray they won't be infested. Unfortunately once a bed bug is in the hotel or home, the only way to stop them is to call exterminators. Hotel managers and home owners alike have wasted money on home remedies: they have tried spraying, vacuuming and vigorous cleaning, and still no luck. The bed bugs know how to hide and their life cycle gives them the upper hand. Kill some off and others take their place.

An exterminator in Massachusetts knows how to eradicate bed bugs. They have the know-how and the treatments to stop the bed bug, end its life cycle and keep it from coming back. Without proper extermination, bed bugs may cause home owners to go to extreme measures, such as throwing out mattress, sofas, stuffed chairs and more.

The best known threat to homes is the termite. A swarm can enter a house unnoticed and then quickly cause structural damage. The cost of repairing the structure is double since the structure must be put right and the area must then be made aesthetically pleasing again. It is far cheaper and smarter to keep the home free of termites by using a Massachusetts exterminator service.

The number one enemy of businesses and homes alike is the common cockroach. No one wants these hanging out in the kitchen, eating areas or anywhere! Regular inspections and treatments will eradicate the adult cockroaches and kill the eggs, ending the life cycle for good.

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