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Homeowners in the Garden State must deal with a number of pests including ants, cockroaches, termites and rodents. Trying to rid the home of these creatures can be costly, expose family members and pets to dangerous chemicals, and often results in only minimal success, allowing future infestations to occur. A professional exterminator in NJ provides the best method for removing these pests from the property and sealing off the home from subsequent invasions.

A Problem For Homeowners

A New Jersey exterminator has years of experience in dealing with insects, spiders and rodents. Many of the common pests encountered in the region are quite adaptable and can find different ways of entering a home, traveling about unseen and devouring food that is kept indoors. Roaches prefer a humid climate, a stable temperature and concealed places in which to set up a nest. The use a number of routes inside walls, behind appliances and along plumbing pipes to move about from the nest to a food source. Homeowners often spray along baseboard and inside cabinets but this kills only a small number of cockroaches, allowing the nest to rebuild in a short period of time.

Ants build underground nests and send foragers in search of food, especially those with a high carbohydrate content. Once discovered, the food is easily found by others because of the scent trails ants leave behind. The nest itself is difficult to remove or destroy without causing environmental damage.

Termites can devour enormous amounts of wood inside a home before they are discovered or their nest located. Homeowners often cannot remove an underground colony of subterranean termites because many chemicals are not effective in killing off the entire nest.

Professional Pest Removal Services

Using a NJ exterminator is the best way to rid the home and property of these insects. Expert field personnel can inspect the home and discover the access routes, the points of entry and the location of a nest or burrow. Modern methods of removal include eco-friendly pesticides and monitoring stations, baited traps that do not catch other creatures, and periodic maintenance of the home and perimeter.

Regardless of the type of structure or the size of the property, exterminators will outline a custom removal plan that not only rids the property of these pests but insures the least chance of reinfestation. Pests in the region can cause serious amounts of damage, food spoilage and introduce disease and allergies into the home, and prompt removal is necessary to keep humans and their pets safe.

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