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No matter where they live in Maryland -- Silver Spring, Baltimore, Annapolis or one of the many other urban areas or rural towns -- residents share the same threat of bedbugs, termites and household pests.

For years, professional pest control companies have handled the threat of termites in Maryland homes. Termites, a flying relative of the ants, thrive in large colonies that can destroy wooden structures very quickly. Left untreated, homes and condos can sustain damage that quickly adds up to thousands of dollars in repair. Just one forced remodeling job can cost $5,000 or more. Structural damage can cause $10,000 or more out of pocket expense. Save your money for the remodeling that you want to do, and have an exterminator in Maryland regularly inspect your home for termites. With regular treatment, termites won't have a chance.

Bedbugs used to be a huge problem. Then they went away and we grew complacent, assuming that the threat was gone forever. Now they are back. They spread easily, going home in suitcases from trips or backpacks from childrens' spend-the-night parties. If they invade an apartment, home or condo, the costs can be enormous. To get a good night's sleep, some people find themselves throwing out pillows, costly mattresses and favorite sofas. They may pull up carpet or throw out favorite rugs. To avoid this kind of nightmare and cost, call a Maryland exterminator who knows how to take care of the problem. With the right treatment, bed bugs will die off. Exterminators know how to find their hiding places and kill off all eggs and immature insects. Only by breaking this cycle can you stop the infestation and get peace of mind. So, if you want to sleep easy, talk to a pest control professional about any bites that the family may be encountering at night.

Nighttime bites aren't limited to bed bugs, of course. It may be fleas or spiders. Both of these pests can take a toll on sleepers or catch you when you are awake as well. To rid a home of indoor biting insects, an exterminator can quickly kill all adult bugs and make sure that the eggs won't hatch into a new pest problem.

Residents should also consider pest control for their porches and yards. Wasps, hornets and other stinging insects ruin outdoor fun. With an exterminator in Maryland, your home is safe.

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